Duration : 2 Months

Career Path : Web Developer, DBA

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10-11 AM

Scope of PHP in Nepal

ZealTech Education provides the best PHP Training in Kathmandu. PHP is a hot topic – it’s become the most popular server-side language by far. What’s behind this incredible popularity? PHP is fast and easy to use, fast and easy to develop in. We can mingle it with HTML in our webpages. We can write it easier than other languages. We don’t need to compile it, as we do with other languages, before running it. But more than all that, developing with PHP is just plain fun. It’s just a terrific language that people who write server-side code really enjoy. And our PHP training in Kathmandu is all about bringing you that experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Create and update database using PHP
  • Develop functional and dynamic websites
  • Get better concept of object-oriented programming